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Nature Conservancy’s M.A. Sanjayan Talks with David Letterman

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Dr. M.A. Sanjayan, lead scientist for the Nature Conservancy, tries to discourage David Letterman’s pessimism that society can step up to the environmental challenges we face, saying there is time and opportunity for this to be history’s “greatest generation.”

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One thought on “Nature Conservancy’s M.A. Sanjayan Talks with David Letterman
  1. A Project Revived: Shell Looks Into Feasibility Of Adding Limestone To Oceans To Combat CO2 (100%)
    Looking at the above,is it possible and feasible of adding
    Limestone To Oceans to combat CO2(100%).
    In my view,first we have to control the ever-budgeoning
    population,supply of safe drinking water and the ever-increasing need for water due to climate change.

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