Video Friday: The Nature Conservancy – Investing in Forests and Fish in Michigan’s Northern Forests

A collaborative effort between the timber industry, scientists and forest ecologists to help restore and maintain Michigan’s northern forest, a vital ecosystem for the region and the world. This Nature Conservancy video highlights the costs and benefits of forest conservation. Featured image credit: jimflix, courtesy flickr

Video Friday: Development by Design is Key for Sustainable Development in Asia

Jack Hurd, Asia-Pacific Deputy Director for the Nature Conservancy (TNC), discusses their work in the region as Asian government and business faces the challenges of growth and development. Hurd argues that by applying principles of Development by Design sustainable development is possible in the fastest growing region on the planet.

Sustainability depends on collaboration

Measuring the Effectiveness of Collaborations for Sustainable Solutions

Collaboration may be a popular buzz-word, but is it really effective? As I have argued in three previous Global Warming is Real articles, a collaborative approach to sustainability offers the fastest and most effective means of combating climate change. Now more than ever a variety of strategic partnerships are emerging between industry and governments, academia and non-government organizations (NGOs). Almost 70 percent of charitable organizations are collaborating to share resources, save…

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Nature Conservancy’s M.A. Sanjayan Talks with David Letterman

Nature Conservancy’s M.A. Sanjayan tries to give hope and optimism to David Letterman