Agriculture Policy

Build Back Better Act Provides Funding for CAFOs

CAFOs are an environmental and health risk, polluting the air, contaminating groundwater, and releasing GHG.

Climate Change Deniers Global Warming News

Google Fuels Climate Change Denial

Google's climate change denial allows top companies and platforms to publish misleading and false ads

Environmental Environmental Justice

The Role the U.S. Can Play In Plastic Waste Reduction

Plastic waste reduction is critical for curbing plastic pollution in the oceans, lakes and rivers,

Energy Policy Renewable Energy

California is a Climate Action Model for the Nation

California climate action initiatives have long been a model of focused, manageable, and effective legislative

Carbon Emissions Policy

West Coast States Adopt Strong Vehicle Emissions Standards

States on the American west coast lead in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. All west coast

Adaptation Climate

The High Cost of the Physical Risks of Climate Change for Banks

Banks play an important role in our economy. Do they also play a role in

Fossil Fuels Global Warming News

Biden Administration Defers Onshore Oil and Gas Leases

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently announced that it will defer some onshore oil

 Global Warming is the 

Challenge of Our Times

Whether it be the economy, sustainable development, politics, or realizing our place in the web of life that sustains us, understanding climate change is central to meeting the challenge and opportunities of the 21st century.

NEPA, the landmark environmental legislation from the 60s that framed all subsequent federal environmental legislation, remains effective to this day.

Court revokes largest-ever U.S. offshore oil lease, cites NEPA

“Businesses should be ready to defend what they’re doing about the climate crisis and how they’re taking meaningful action. If they don’t, they could face challenges from many directions, from the SEC to activists to litigators. ”

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) post significant health and environmental risks. Biden's Build Back Better plan shouldn't provide any more federal funding for CAFOs
Build Back Better Act Provides Funding for CAFOs

In support of environmental protection

Nearly 200 Democrats back EPA in Supreme Court emissions case

Disinformation and scare tactics--anything but the truth.
Oil firms accused of scare tactics after claiming climate lawsuits ‘a threat to US’

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