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International Day of Climate ActionTomorrow is the International Day of Climate Action sponsored by 350.0rg. The International Day of Climate Action will harness the collective action of citizens from across the globe to instill the magic number – 350 – into the public consciousness. That number represents the safe level of carbon in the atmosphere (350 parts per million) if we are to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. As you can see by the graphic on the left of this blog, we are already well past that number and pushing higher.

The International Day of Climate Action aims to connect people with each other, and with their leaders, to help build the public and political will needed to forge the kind of agreement between nations at the COP15 Climate Conference this December and beyond.

The campaign utilizes the best in social networking and grassroots action to push past the resistance of “business as usual.” We are faced with an unprecedented challenge, and tomorrow can be a start to addressing that challenge on a global scale.

One individual can make a difference!

You can find and event near you on the interactive map, find materials and information to plan your own event or presentation (it doesn’t have to be tomorrow) – your actions will be multiplied across the globe.

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