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An Homage to Leading Environmentalist Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben is an environmental titan who has played a leading role in the war against climate change. McKibben is one of the most influential environmental figures of all times, he has played a crucial role building a new environmental movement and taking it to new heights. McKibben is a journalist and author. His first […]Read More

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Response to Criticism of Cooperation Between Business and Mainstream Environmentalism

Some radical environmentalists are harshly critical of the increasing levels of cooperation between environmental organizations and major corporations. These extremists believe that the only way we can address the climate change crisis is through a revolution which overthrows the entire capitalist system. This revolutionary rhetoric was reiterated in an article published on Saturday, April 23, […]Read More

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350.org International Day of Climate Action

Tomorrow is the International Day of Climate Action sponsored by 350.0rg. The International Day of Climate Action will harness the collective action of citizens from across the globe to instill the magic number – 350 – into the public consciousness. That number represents the safe level of carbon in the atmosphere (350 parts per million) […]Read More