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First Map of World E-Waste Highlights Staggering Extent of Growing Problem

17th Dec 13. 0 Comments

Amid surging demand for smartphones, tablets and other CE devices, worldwide volumes of electronic,, or e-waste are expected to a surge 33% higher by 2017. Producing the world’s first world e-waste map as well as a domestic and transboundary study of e-waste, the Solving the E-Waste Problem Initiative also has some recommendations to address what’s quickly grown to an urgent environmental and health problem in regions around the world.

EPA Launches 2013 Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan

10th Dec 13. 0 Comments

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on December 5 released its 2013 Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan as it looks to build on four years of efforts to streamline operations, cut expenditures, and reduce waste and the carbon footprint of federal government operations. The inaugural Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan for the federal government was produced in [Continue Reading...]

Shrimp Fishery Collapse in Gulf of Maine

9th Dec 13. 0 Comments

Shrimp moratorium A moratorium for the 2014 shrimp fishing season was announced for the US Northeastern Gulf of Maine shrimp fishery last week as stocks of shrimp for 2012 hit record lows. The last time the shrimp catch was halted was 35 years ago in 1977. “The Northern Shrimp Technical Committee has considered the Gulf [Continue Reading...]

Diversified Renewable Energy Base Emerging in the US Northeast

4th Dec 13. 3 Comments

Renewable energy initiatives and investments in the northeastern US are producing results and paying dividends economically, socially and environmentally, according to a report from ACORE, the American Council on Renewable Energy. Northeast region state governments have been at the leading edge of the drive to craft and implement policies to foster development and use of [Continue Reading...]

Ocean Acidity Rising 10x Faster Than At Any Time in the Past 55 Million Years

26th Nov 13. 1 Comment

Ocean acidification continues to rise at a rate “unprecedented in Earth’s history,” a direct result of past and current increases in carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, posing significant threats to the health and integrity of marine ecosystems and the diverse range of products and services they provide the world over, according to a report produced [Continue Reading...]

Energy, Climate Scientists Call for a Moratorium on Coal-Fired Power Plants

19th Nov 13. 0 Comments

An international group of 27 prominent energy and climate scientists are calling for a moratorium on construction of new coal-fired power plants, a policy they say has become a global imperative if “climate catastrophe” is to be avoided this century. Their call comes amid renewed efforts by coal and power utility lobbies “to portray ‘high [Continue Reading...]

Is Phasing Out Fossil Fuel Subsidies Even on the Agenda in Warsaw?

12th Nov 13. 0 Comments

For all their potential promise, apparent earnestness and gravity – not to mention their possible effects and potential ramifications – it’s hard at times not to be cynical about high-level political negotiations. Such might be felt of the United Nations (UN) climate treaty negotiations which got under way this week in Warsaw, Poland. People have [Continue Reading...]