Month: February 2018

Renewable Energy

Can Solar Energy Improve Water Quality?

Solar energy is everywhere. Solar-powered sunglasses can be used to charge your cell phone, you can get solar powered book bags, lights on roads are solar powered, and even showers now can get their power from the sun. The rise in both the portability and the availability of solar has helped the price to drop […]Read More

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The Lowdown On Trump’s Infrastructure Bill

President Trump recently released his infrastructure and budget plan. Environmental and social justice organizations are opposed to the plan, depicting it as a giveaway to the wealthy. The Trump administration claims in a blog post on the White House website that the infrastructure plan will empower state and local authorities by expanding the states environmental […]Read More

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How Cities and States are Combating Climate Change and Opposing

While the Trump administration practices climate change denial and inaction, cities and states across the U.S. are taking action. Three mayors of U.S. cities recently participated in a conference held by ClimateOne. One of the mayors, Steve Benjamin of Columbia, South Carolina, said of climate change, “It ranks very high.” Columbia is a city that […]Read More

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Stem to Roll Out AI-Powered Battery Energy Storage at Eight

Leading commercial real estate developers and owners are only just beginning to latch on to the financial, and broader social and environmental, benefits they can realize by investing in intelligent battery energy storage systems, the costs of which are falling fast.Read More

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Zinke Strips Away Protections, Reduces Public Comment Period on Federal

Expect more oil and gas drilling on federal lands. A new policy implemented by the Trump administration rolls back oil and gas drilling policies for federal land implemented in 2010 by the Obama administration. A recent Bureau of Land Management memo states that public review and disclosure of environmental harm from drilling and fracking will […]Read More