Month: March 2017

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How Bio-Based Chemicals Are Aiding in Sustainability Efforts

The use of bio-based chemicals is on the rise around the world, and that trend is helping sustainability efforts. For reference, a bio-based chemical is a substance constructed from materials that are currently alive or were once living. Keep reading to explore how some of these bio-based chemicals are being used to help societies and […]Read More

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Executive Order Guts Clean Power Plan : Trump’s Imaginary War

This morning, under the cover of “energy independence,” U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order calling for a rewrite of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. The Plan is the cornerstone of U.S. commitment to curbing emissions under the Paris climate agreement, so the rewrite represents a significant rollback of U.S. global warming mitigation as a whole. Unlike […]Read More

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Europe Launches Fourth Earth Monitoring Satellite as US Congress Readies

The European Space Agency launched the fourth Copernicus-Sentinel Earth systems monitoring satellite this past week. Europe's ongoing investments in space-based earth systems monitoring comes as a plan to axe NASA earth science/climate research budget makes its way to President Trump's desk.Read More