Month: July 2012

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Hybrid Micro-Hydro/Wind-Diesel Systems to Supply Clean Energy to Patagonia Communities

The local communities-provincial power-Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership project opens socioeconomic opportunities for communities' residents, as well as reducing carbon emissions and insulating them from the high and volatile cost of diesel fuel reliance.Read More

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Brazil: Belo Monte Dam Threatens Forest, Wildlife, and Indigenous People

The Belo Monte dam project is now underway on the Xingu River in the Brazilian State of Pará.  The current dam project will flood native people’s lands and other land currently housing poor Brazilians in the City Altamira who all rely heavily on the river for their livelihood. The flooded forest will decompose and release methane […]Read More

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Greenland and the Arctic in a State of Change

The news this week has focused on the surprisingly rapid and extensive melting of the Greenland ice sheet earlier this month. As dramatic as the satellite images are, the changing state of the arctic and the accelerating ice loss in Greenland and throughout the poles is an ongoing concern for scientists on the ground. This video from […]Read More

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In the Green Economy, Electricians Are in Demand

Guest post by Derek Singleton In 2009, Software Advice predicted that electricians would be one of the construction trades best-suited to capitalize on the growth of green construction. It appears that prediction is coming true. Since 2005, the green construction industry has grown from close to three billion dollar industry to one worth roughly $48 billion.  And a recent report […]Read More

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A Carbon Tax is More Viable than Cap and Trade

Pricing carbon is the cornerstone of a blueprint to contain climate change as it would provide both incentives and disincentives to reduce emissions. It would also drive investment and research dollars into renewable energy and efficiency. The best thing that governments can do to reduce emissions is to implement a cap and trade scheme or failing […]Read More

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Weakness in OECD Economies Doesn’t Stop Global CO2 Emissions from

Global CO2 emissions reached another record high in 2011, driven by growing use of fossil fuels in rapidly industrializing countries such as China and India. The US still tops the world by far in terms of per capita CO2 emissions, though China and India combined now account for as much as the entire OECD roster of industrialized member countries.Read More