Enviro News Wrap: The Real Price of Gas; Koch Bros. and the GOP; Google Bets Big on SolarCity, and more…

The Latest Environmental News HeadlinesGlobalWarmingisReal contributor Anders Hellum-Alexander wraps-up the climate and environmental news headlines for the past week:

  • Oil prices in the US spiked a couple of months ago and  have recently dropped down to under $4/gall. It is a good time to remember that gas prices in the US are artificially low. In the US we pay mostly for the extraction, delivery, refinement and marketing costs along with a small amount of tax. In Europe the price of oil includes things like damage to our natural environment and human health. In the USA we just under pay for oil and then make up for it via asthma, infant mortality, childhood cancer and the degradation of our backyard (aka our environment).
  • Deepok Chopra talks about spirituality and how it can help the average citizen take leadership roles to address communal issues like climate change.
  • A contributor to Ode Magazine writes about her shopping history and how it is has transformed her into an active environmental purchaser.
    After studying environmental policy, ecology and economics in college I believe that we can change our society and government most effectively by changing what products we buy. Remember, if you buy Georgia Pacific paper products then one percent of every dollar you spend goes towards the most successful campaign against intelligent climate change legislation for the US and UN. Check your toilet paper, your printer paper, your paper towels; you may be working against yourself just by cleaning the counter. Here is an article about how the Koch brothers, the owners of Georgia Pacific, is making every Republican candidate for president promise that they will join the fight of ruining our natural environment.
  • The drought in Texas demonstrates the challenges that arise when there is not enough clean water to go around.
  • Here comes the Electric Bus! The key to the success of this electric bus is the battery, it can be charged in only 10 minutes.
  • Obama supports solar power, but his words have to turn into action, one such action is providing loan guarantees to developers of large scale solar projects. But large-scale solar and wind projects often get a lot of opposition. The development might be for renewable energy but it is still a development of the land which always brings environmental damage. Citizens of Wales are demonstrating to cap large-scale wind power development. Welsh citizens aren’t against wind power, they just want to control how it is done.
  • The head of Greenpeace has been arrested for a direct action against an oil rig. He did not try to stop the operation of the rig, he just wanted an answer to how that oil company is going to deal with past oil spills in that area.
  • Google has given $280 million dollars to SolarCity to create a fund for financing Solar Leases. Solar companies are getting big and right now SolarCity is the biggest.

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