Month: January 2009

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Big Boost to Alternative Energy, Clean Tech If Obama Stimulus

The Obama’s Administration’s “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” passed muster in the House but there’s still a lot of politicking and debate going on as the Senate works on its version of the bill and the two Congressional bodies resolve any differences. The Act aims to create up to 4 million jobs, 500,000 of them in the “green sector” by investing $69 billion to enhance the nation’s energy infrastructure, improve energy efficiency and conservation, and double production of renewable energy. Read More

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Sustainability, Climate, and the Environment: As Goes China, So Goes

Natural Resources Defense Council Works with Business, Community, and Government Leaders in China, Looking for Solutions to Environmental and Sustainability Challenges The NRDC is actively involved in helping China grapple with their formidable development, sustainability, and environmental challenges facing it. This short eight minute video outlines those efforts. See also: NRDC China Clean Energy ProjectRead More

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Europeans Agree To Build Fifteen CO2 Capture And Storage Research

Coal-fired power plants are major contributors to our planet’s pollution problems. Even though fewer new plants are being built, limited progress is made on capturing and sequestering the carbon released. At present, only a few million tons of CO2 are captured and stored annually. Recent MIT research suggests that carbon sequestering can reduce human generated […]Read More

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Global Warming And The World Food Supply

The potential consequences of global warming on life as we now know it are many, but scientists studying agriculture in particular are among those expressing some of the greatest concern for what lay in store in a warming world. New research predicts that, due to rising global average temperatures, droughts and crop failures will become […]Read More

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US Climate Change Envoy in Place and Ready to Negotiate

Yesterday, a ceremony was held at the US State Department to announce Todd Stern as the Special Envoy for Climate Change (see short bio and video of the event). As we outlined in our transition recommendations, it is crucial that President Obama appoint a climate negotiating team early in his Administration. We also suggested that […]Read More

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News Update: Obama Directs EPA to Reconsider Bush Era Denial

President Barack Obama on Monday signed two presidential memoranda taking on environmental issues either ignored or abused by the Bush administration: A first memorandum directing Lisa Jackson and the EPA to reconsider the denial of a waiver allowing California and 17 other states to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks. Granting the waiver […]Read More