Day: November 11, 2008

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Emissions, Green Vehicle Quid Pro Quo for Auto Makers’ Bailout

The US government should tie any further emergency bailout aid to the “Big 3” US automakers to guarantees that they'll drop opposition to states' stricter emissions reduction propositions, as well as guarantees that they will fast-track development and production of electric, PHEV and cleaner burning flex-fuel vehicles, according to two Civil Society Institute project teams.Read More

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Global Warming is Real Founder Interviewed for GreenBlogoshere Podcast

I had the pleasure yesterday of speaking with Tom Tucker, Managing Editor of, an online moderated community of green bloggers and those interested in following the conversation on green living and sustainability. From activism, art and politics, to ecotourism, water resources and alternative energy, GreenBlogosphere collects some of the best resources on a wide ranging selection of environmentally-focused […]Read More