Month: June 2008

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Window Shopping for Carbon Offsets

The following is a guest post by Jen Boynton: So, you’ve decided to take some responsibility for your carbon footprint and buy some carbon offsets to account for all your unavoidable driving and flying emissions. Congratulations on taking some responsibility for the massive situation we call “the climate crisis” Now you are wondering, which retailers […]Read More

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Petulant White House Refuses to Open EPA Email Because Bush

Now there’s leadership for ‘ya… In April 2007 the Supreme Court ruled that the Environmental Protection agency has the authority and obligation to regulate greenhouse gas emissions as pollutants that contribute to climate change. The ruling also made clear that the EPA could not shrink from this responsibility unless it provides a scientific bases for […]Read More

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Gulf Coast Energy Starts Building Wood-Fired Ethanol Plant In Alabama

Later this month the construction will begin of one of America’s very first ethanol plants fueled by wood scraps. The plant, developed by Gulf Coast Energy, is located in an abandoned lumber mill in Alabama´s Black Belt.   The production facility uses gasification on wood waste to produce ethanol and this method is quite different from […]Read More

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International Climate Change Experts Say Low Carbon Societies Can Feasibly

The drive to achieve low carbon status is often believed to best be possible on a small scale, but what if an entire country sets out to achieve this? What exactly is a zero, or low carbon society and how would it operate? Could a developing country do it? A peer reviewed study by scientists from nine countries […]Read More

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Bush Claims Executive Privilege in Disclosing White House Influence Over

Last Friday, with only 15 minutes to spare before the House Oversight Committee was scheduled to vote on holding EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson and White House official Susan Dudley in contempt of Congress, the Bush administration invoked executive privilege – thus expressing its own contempt for that pesky concept known as “congressional oversight”. The impending vote from the committee chaired by […]Read More

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Avoiding 230 Gigatons of CO2 Emissions – Shell Dialogues 2

  Some 230 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions can be avoided between now and 2050 – bringing atmospheric CO2 concentrations down 20 parts per million – if carbon capture and storage (CCS) development is pursued aggressively and put into use, according to Shell International’s Unconventional and Enhanced Oil Recovery team.  While the resources devoted to […]Read More