Day: April 30, 2008

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British Columbia Introduces Carbon Tax

British Columbia is leading not just Canada, but the world, in this issue,” said Taylor. “We have looked everywhere to find another carbon tax that is as broad-based … we can’t find any other model in the world that is so comprehensive.” So says Finance Minister Carole Taylor who filed Bill 37, or the Carbon […]Read More

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Heartland Institute’s Dennis Avery: Shades of the “Inhofe 400”

Recently James Inhofe, using his power as a United States Senator, released a senate report claiming to contain 400 signatures from “prominent scientists” refuting the overwhelming scientific agreement of the human influence in climate change. Though we haven’t heard much from the good senator in awhile, he has steadfastly held to the claim that “AGW” (anthropogenic global warming) is a […]Read More