Month: October 2007

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News Updates: Northern Nations Feeling the Heat Over Melting Arctic

The Disappearing Ice The leaders of the Nordic nations of Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland expressed alarm over the quickening pace of melting Arctic ice, warning that the melt might very soon become irreversible. In a joint statement from the five nations, released after talks in Oslo, environmental ministers stated “The Arctic and the […]Read More

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Dana Perino on Global Warming: One Crazy Theory is as

I don’t see much difference between attributing every last hot day, flood, fire, or hurricane on global warming or touting its “health benefits”. Global climate is not local or regional weather. White House press secretary Dana Perino doesn’t seem to have the visionary scale in place to fully comprehend the issue when she offers to reporters the assertion that there is verifiable […]Read More

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White House “Eviscerates” CDC Report to Congress on Health Effects

That is how one Center for Disease Control official characterized the White House’s “editing” of the draft report for testimony before a Senate Hearing on the health impacts of climate change. The White House, true to form, denies any attempt at “watering down” the testimony given by CDC director Dr. Julie Gerberding. Of the 12 page […]Read More

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Levels of Carbon Emissions Higher Than Expected

On the heels of reports earlier this month by Australian climate scientist Tim Flannery that atmospheric concentrations of CO2 has already reached dangerous levels not expected for another decade, it is reported today that a team of international scientists have found that carbon dioxide levels jumped 35% from 2000, much faster than expected and well beyond the worst […]Read More

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Global Warming Delusions: Climate Change, the Wall Street Journal, and

A recent commentary in the Wall Street Journal by Daniel B. Botkin* warns of the delusions many have about climate change and argues that, if it exists and has an anthropomorphic component, its effects will likely be minimal. Mr. Botkin trots out his credentials as emeritus professor of ecology at UC Santa Barbara to assure us he has no […]Read More