Become a Pirate and Help Stop Global Warming

Recent studies confirm that the decline of pirates since the late eighteenth century closely parallel the rise in atmospheric temperature (global warming).

Scientists are concerned that the steady decline in pirates will have devastating effects on global climate.

In other words, pirates are cool.
… ummm, no we’re not being serious. Sometimes even we lighten up. Have a nice weekend – matey.

A little satire from Venganza.org

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  1. […] Most of these guys turn out to be banjo-hitting middle infielders, so I have to take some liberties and press the ever-flexible Mario Mendoza (of Mendoza Line fame) into service as a catcher. No slackers need apply; Mendoza must justify his place in this august group. Mendoza also serves as our closer—he once finished a game in 1977 pitching 2 innings and ending his career with a 13.50 ERA, which is as close to a leet ERA as you can get if you have exactly 2.0 innings pitched. And because we are obligated to do all we can to stem global warming by increasing the ever-dwindling number of Pirates. […]

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