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The Power and Energy of the Fossil Fuel Industry

Amidst the devastation that is, or perhaps was, the Gulf Coast, an immense spill in China, thousands of abandoned offshore wells continuously leaking, and the effects of GHG-driven climate change becoming increasingly apparent, one could have thought that now is the time for climate legislation. But alas, no – as evident in the wake, (and […]Read More

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It’s Official: EPA Throws Climate “Under the Bus”

While no surprise, it is now official. The EPA, at the apparent bidding of the White House, will do nothing about climate change and carbon emissions until the next administration. On Friday Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen Johnson did an end run around the April 2007 Supreme Court ruling requiring that the EPA must take steps to […]Read More

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Where Would Jesus Drill? (Not in ANWR)

Nothing brings out a religious fervor in America than rising gas prices. It seems the sudden surge in the cost of a barrel of oil and the attendant rise in gas prices has Americans, as blogger Charlotte Weybright says, squealing like “stuck pigs”.    Or perhaps bleating like sheep. Sure high fuel prices bite at people just […]Read More

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The Wall Street Journal: Projecting its Own Neurosis and Blaming

In one breathtaking stroke of close-minded prejudicial rhetoric and disinformation, Bret Stephens, writing in the Wall Street Journal, was able to lump any and all concerned about climate change as anti-capitalist, hysterical, and sick. A pretty impressive feat, but made easier when your grasp of science is weak and you employ, as David Sassoon points out […]Read More