Carbon offsetting is one tool we can use to mitigate the effects of carbon intensive activities.

How Carbon Offsetting Can Reduce the Effects of Climate Change

Carbon offsetting, when done right, can help mitigate the carbon footprint of our activities. It is not a total solution, but one tool we can use.

Pioneering REDD+ Project Looks to Pave Sustainable Development Pathway in Peru’s Amazon

Construction of the Southern Transoceanic Highway through the Brazil-Peru Amazon up over the Andes and down to Peru Pacific ports is going to irreversibly change the lives of residents and the Amazon Basin ecosystem. A consortium of environmental and sustainable development groups are employing pioneering Payment for Ecosystem Services mechanisms to avoid massive deforestation and biodiversity loss and environmental degradation that may come with it.

International Group Garners First Voluntary Carbon Offsets for Reforesting Peruvian Amazon with Native Species

Discussion and debate concerning the merits and demerits of proposed UN REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) and other avoided deforestation and reforestation schemes continues in the run-up to negotiating a successor to the Kyoto Protocol at the UNFCCC’s 15th Conference of Parties in Copenhagen this December. Touting the environmental and socioeconomic benefits of their particular sustainable forestry…

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Coal wreaks environmental havoc, from the coal mining that pollutes rivers and streams, to the premature deaths of coal miners from accidents and lung diseases, to the release of greenhouse gases, mercury and other toxins at power plants. Pictured: A coal-fired power plant

EarthTalk: Clean Coal

EarthTalk for Monday, June 29: Is there really such a thing as “clean coal?”

US Cap & Trade Could Boost ‘No-Till’ Agriculture

Farmers practicing ‘no-till’ agriculture could get a boost if the US establishes a national cap-and-trade emissions market, according to the Kansas Farm Bureau’s director of natural resources.

Europeans Agree To Build Fifteen CO2 Capture And Storage Research Labs

Coal-fired power plants are major contributors to our planet’s pollution problems. Even though fewer new plants are being built, limited progress is made on capturing and sequestering the carbon released. At present, only a few million tons of CO2 are captured and stored annually. Recent MIT research suggests that carbon sequestering can reduce human generated CO2 to 80% of 1990…

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Lake Amatitlan Geothermal First to Receive UN CDM Emission Reduction Credits

The Lake Amititlan Geothermal Project has become the first in Guatemala, and for plant builder and operator Ormat Technologies, to qualify for UN Clean Development Mechanism certified emission reduction credits.