Clair Byrd

Clair Byrd is a young, optimistic transplant to the Bay area. She has become increasingly passionate about environmental policy, issues, and conservation since leaving her smog-covered home town in Ohio. She studied modern language at Kent State University and is continuing her education in San Francisco, CA. Her environmental interests lay primarily in green tech and its implementation, youth issues, and trying to fix what we as a planet have messed up. Her favorite flower is the Tiger Lily.

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New York Universities Receive “Gold Star”: Government Nods to Universities’

Two universities in New York, Ithaca College and Hamilton College, have received the federal government’s version of a “gold star.”  Ithaca College has been awarded two Energy Star certifications for residence halls Clarke and Hood and a platinum LEED award (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) established by the U.S. Green Building Council, for a […]Read More

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Looking Up Helps Create History for Swiss Aeronautical Team –

Solar Impulse – solar=powered flight takes to the skies This time, Icarus didn’t fall out of the sky. On this past Wednesday afternoon, a pioneering aviation company hailing from Switzerland made small history when they flew a new kind of aircraft across the idyllic Swiss countryside. Their iconic prototype airplane has become the largest, lightest aircraft to […]Read More