Enviro News Wrap: Weak Text in Rio; Anti-Koch Brothers App; Planetary Boundaries; Environmental Justice, and more…

The Latest Environmental News Headlines

GlobalWarmingisReal contributor Anders Hellum-Alexander wraps-up and comments on the climate and environmental news headlines for the past week:

  • World leaders at the Rio+20 Earth Summit made little progress last week on how to collectively address climate change and sustainable development. Maybe we should just skip our leaders are have every city in the world work to make changes on the local level?
  • The Koch Brothers spend their money on hyper-conservative political campaigns that only a small amount of Americans support, yet almost all of us buy their products (Georgia Pacific) and contribute to these campaigns. Want to find a way to stop giving the Koch Brothers so much of your money? Now there’s an app for that! Darcey Burner, a former Microsoft programmer and current candidate for Congress from Washington State has developed an app so that you can avoid giving money to the Koch Brothers.
  • Planetary boundaries: how much can we stress our global environment before it stops working in our favor? I would rather not test that one, but it looks like we are going for it anyway.
  • The US Agricultural Bill ingrains the dominance of unsustainable agricultural practices in the US. And this time the Ag bill will not be any different. This is another example of our elected officials screwing us over to appease the interests of Big Business – think Monsanto.
  • Natural gas is supposed to be a bridge fuel that brings us to a cleaner economy, we are supposed to use it for 20-30 years and then let renewable energy take over. So, all the industries around natural gas are supposed to grow and spike and then just fall in 2040? Are we really going to create liquefied natural gas vehicles and then just stop using them in 30 years? I don’t think so, Clean natural gas is a sham brought to you by the same people that brought you our petroleum-based economy. Don’t believe the lie.
  • Environmental Justice is the fight against our racist economy/government that pollutes in minority communities more than any other community. This unfair sharing of pollution causes minority communities to be held down via health issues and health costs. We can not have a sustainable society while so many people are dwelling in toxic squalor.
  • Climate Change activists raided Buckingham Palace to make their point.



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