Musings of a Malcontent: Greenie – Poopie – Can’t We All Get Along?

Musings of a Malcontent: Environmental Irony in an Imperfect (but humorous?) World“Musings of a Malcontent” is a weekly op-ed by GlobalWarmingisReal contributor Carlyle Coash

I continue to be baffled.

This is good as it gives me something to write about.

Last week we received a comment on the post I did here about Richard Muller, the scientific skeptic who shifted his stance on global warming. I know – I am asking you to remember something from two weeks ago. I am so difficult. Anyway I bring it up because there was something in it that has really stuck in my craw, so to speak. The commenter suggested that the place I received my information must have come from a “greenie left” publication.

Being left-handed and a big fan of the color green I was initially impressed he knew so much about me.

Then it sunk in that this was intended as an insult, or at least a suggestion that my source of news is limited and biased. The article I used was credited to the Associated Press and was posted on MSNBC’s website. Now I realize that Ronald Reagan did not write the article, but I would think the Associated Press might be a somewhat reliable source to get information from.


Obviously not.

Left, very left.

Since Richard Muller had been running around after the initial new story broke saying he was never on the side of the nay-sayer group – just a normal skeptic – this clearly meant I was out to get him unfairly. I guess only “ greenie left” thinking publications skew the facts and present misinformation to push their agenda. They twist the truth – all in the name of silly earthy-crunchy Democratic socialism. They just want to control what we think, even if it means attacking the innocent. I bet they would impale puppies if they had the chance! Evil lefties!

Glad I get my news from Fox.

And what is up with the word “Greenie”? Are you suggesting interest in the environment warrants a derogatory remark? You….you…..carer! Yea you heard me! Carer! You care about things like the planet. THE PLANET? What a loser. Only losers care about the planet! Planet carer! How stupid is that. You are just wishing you had a skeptic turned environmentalist on your side but – HA HA – he was just a skeptic turned….skeptic. Only a “greenie” would want that.


What do the “winners” care about I wonder – if not the planet. Space? Void? A field of debris like the one the Millennium Falcon warps into thinking it is the planet Alderaan in Star Wars? An environment so depleted of nutrients that even a Twinkie would not survive  – or be created for that matter? You need wheat for that to happen apparently, which in a Twinkie is a bit of a stretch, but still no place for the foundational Twinkie elements to be grown? Why would you want to deny us such things?

Sorry – Twinkies always get me off track.

I think the winners care about taking. Take as much as possible and give back – maybe. Giving optional. Yet it is giving that makes it all possible. There has to be a cycle of replenishment. A cycle of rest, not just extraction, is required. After all it is not like the earth can just pop out a few million years of geologic fossil fuel creation by 2020.

So do me a favor – those with so much time on their hands they think “greenie” is a clever diss – use your time to actually help the world around us. The planet needs allies, not people spending their time finding ways to separate people. “Greenie left” is an attempt to put me down – to show I should be ignored. Well – fine – but then do something to make this a better place. Are you doing that? I hope so because if you think for one minute we can sustain what we are doing for even 50 years you are responsible for believing just as much hype as you are accusing me of believing.

What sort of “poopie right” propaganda are you reading?

Like how I used the word “poopie”? It seemed to fit somehow – all brown and squishy.

You can make stuff up –  so can I.

What goes around….well you know…

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