Enviro News Wrap: Smart Grids Made Smarter; Defending Coal (or trying to); Toxic Arctic, and more…

The Latest Environmental News HeadlinesGlobalWarmingisReal contributor Anders Hellum-Alexander wraps-up the climate and environmental news headlines for the past week:

Coal in the News:

Oil Spills and Pipelines:

  •  The US government supports a “smart grid,” and here’s one thing that they are doing that is making the smart grid smarter.
  • The Economist once again yells at the USA to just increase the gas tax to solve the issue of our dependence on the cheap but greatly polluting energy source known as oil/petroleum.
  • Japan is wondering where it will source its energy from in the future, geothermal is an option, but it is not without controversy.
  • We have polluted the atmosphere so much that the ice pack in the Arctic is filled with toxins, so when the ice melts the toxins will be re-released.
  • Automakers are figuring how to make money on all the used EV batteries that will be lying around in abundance in the near future.
  • The BBC warns of the threat to global peace that climate change poses.
  • Ode magazine introduces Non-Violent Communication, NVC is a way of communicating that focuses on solving conflicts rather than perpetuating them. In world where we are rapidly degrading our environment it will be productive communication among citizens and elected officials that solves the Climate Change crisis.
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