Enviro News Wrap: French Solar Investment; Climategate Retrospective; Japan’s Energy Future, and more…

The latest environmental news headlinesGlobalWarmingisReal contributor Anders Hellum-Alexander wraps-up the climate and environmental news headlines for the past week:

The largest oil company in France, Total, bought 60% of SunPower, one of the largest PV solar panel manufacturers in the world. As other large oil companies drift away from investments in alternative energy Total is diving right in.

There are too many types of organisms on earth to count, but some still try and they find new species all the time.

As we change how we produce and use energy our lifestyles will change too. New York Times reports on residents of New Jersey adjusting to solar panels in their neighborhood.

MotherJones revisits Climategate in a post-perspective story.

Japan has relied on nuclear power for decades. Recent events have shown a need for other energy sources. Wind power has been difficult to harvest on the island with traditional wind turbines, but newer designs are making wind power more viable.

New York City is covering old landfills with solar panels, how wonderful.

The moment has come; you can now buy a “Green” yacht. The technologies it utilizes should be used on commercial vehicles, but the vehicle itself is a floating oxymoron.

Of the many changes that climate change will bring, one of them will be decreased river flow in the Western US. With all the controversy over rivers already less water will just escalate the situation.

National Geographic covers a fuel efficiency car competition with great photo coverage.

Al Gore now has his own Global Warming Ap and a video to show it off. Check it out.

Grist shows off a Sierra Club map of coal-fired power plants in the US and asks the question, “is there one near you.”


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