Global Warming is an Article of Faith for GOP

GOP denies realityOf course, that is denial of global warming and climate science that is an article of faith for Republicans, and most especially for their Tea Party masters.

Despite the irony of many climate change denialists characterizing climate science as a “religion,” it is the unflinching rejection of evidence, the alarmist rhetoric of “world government control” (have any of these people even been to a COP?), and ridiculous notions of massive, planetary-scale hoaxes perpetrated by grant-seeking scientists that requires faith bordering on a religion. The Tea Party has drunk the Kool-Aid, and demands that we all do too, if we are real Americans.

Two articles published recently highlight the point:
GOP Only Political Party in the World to Reject Climate Science? from Zachary Shahan at
John McCain: Lion of the Senate or GOP Lap Dog? an article I recently wrote for

Thomas Schueneman
Thomas Schueneman
Tom is the founder and managing editor of and the PlanetWatch Group. His work appears in Triple Pundit, Slate, Cleantechnia, Planetsave, Earth911, and several other sustainability-focused publications. Tom is a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists.

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  1. Cheers for the link Thomas. It is funny that the people who call us “Alarmists”; adhering to a quasi-religion of climate science in fact demonstrate through their actions that it is actually they who refuse/reject reason and evidence on the basis of personal feelings and use shock, or alarm, to scare others into their ideologically based nonsense.
    I also address the hypocrisy in calling us alarmists in “Am I an Alarmist?”; [… ]
    All we can do is continue to prove the truth as best as the available evidence allows.

    • Thanks for the comment. I\’ve always found it ironic when I\’ve been called an \”alarmist\” from people full of these crazy notions of global hoaxes and world government control. I\’m glad I found your site and will keep checking back to it often.
      As you say all we can do is press on as best we can!

  2. Projection!

    …and Cognitive Dissonance!


    Religious ConservativesTea Partiers/Certain Republicans, for all their talk of “freedom” tend to have a strong sense of authority and marching orders, hence they think that the “other side” has the same, and is both marching in lockstep, and trying in an organized way to impose their vision forcefully on society….

    …when in fact the opposite may be true, that the so-called “other side” is a fractious bunch of arguing people with only a few things in common, most notably a need for some sense of ovservational reasoning, rather than a-priori predetermined conclusions.

    Cognitive Dissonence… to a hard-line faith-reasoning religious person, the bible has no mention of global warming, (nor of things like the internet)… and the concept that man can cause the world to warm is antithetical to the baseline idea that only god can do things like part the red sea, or cause it to rain for 40 days and 40 nights, hence to say there’s any global warming is blasphemy, as it presumes that man is becoming as powerful as god….

    uh huh…. kook-aid, I’m sure, but I grew up in the south, but surrounded by scientists, so I lived this contradiction often in discussions with neighbors who told me I was going to hell on a near daily basis….

  3. Climate changes nnaturally. Think “Ice Age” to the present. What you climatologists want is the Kyoto treaty enforced on the USA but leave China and India to pollute at will. Market forces cleaned up the USA pollution and soon the Chinese and Indians will tire of their own filth and start cleaning up their countries. What you climatologists want is POWER. The power to control Americans. If you are so convinced of your arguments, run for office. See how long you last with your economy destroying policies.

    • Colonel Drapes: “Climate changes naturally” That’s brilliant, did you figure that out all by yourself?
      If you imagine it was a cabal of power-hungry “climatologists” sitting in a room rubbing their hands together that came up with the Kyoto Protocol then you’re just sadly misinformed and have no understanding of the process.
      Scientists do science, and they hardly got into science as some sort of power-grap. That’s just ludicrous on its face.
      Emissions from China and India are a big concern. You can read about it here on this blog if you have an open enough mind to do so. Again, your notion that “climatologists” are prescribing policies designed to destroy the US economy sounds like some Fox News-sodden sound bite.
      If you want to talk about the economics of climate change, you might start with the CEO of Munich Re, or any insurance company.
      There is a lot to discuss in regard to climate science and policy. It’s hard to discuss them when the conversation is awash in misinformation and ignorance and thinking that natural climate variation is some deep, dark secret held by power hungry climate scientists. It’s weak.


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