Our Mission for Global Warming is Real

Global Warming EarthGlobal warming, environmental stewardship, the energy economy, and creating a sustainable future are the issues of our times. What we do as a civilization today will affect our progeny for generations to come. Global Warming is Real is published to help raise awareness of the reality before us.

We work hard to aggregate and synthesize the latest news and information together in one place for our readers. As with any blog, any magazine, any newspaper, any television talking head, you should not assume everything we say or present is always 100% accurate. Challenge us. But be prepared to back up your argument, and demand the same from us.

The content offered here is meant to educate, enlighten, perhaps enrage, and maybe even entertain. If it gets you thinking seriously about global warming and sustainability, then we’ve done our job.

By its very name – Global Warming is Real – we give away our “bias”. We have an opinion about the science, politics, and policy of climate change and we express it in our editorial rants category.

We are not scientists (though some of our best friends are). We read and study extensively on these issues (this makes us loads of fun at parties); some of us are involved in policy on a daily basis, we are all thought leaders and advocates for environmental sustainability and the reality of climate change in our world.

We  participate in expeditions in support of science and pursue international policy efforts to understand climate protection and create a sustainable energy economy. In December of 2009 we attended the COP15 Climate Change conference as independent press observers under the auspices of the UNFCCC. We do our best to stay informed on climate science and policy.

But ultimately we are merely concerned citizens interested in raising awareness of the issues of climate change, global warming, energy use, and sustainable living; presented for other concerned citizens to help them make sense of the challenges we face in the early 21st century.

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