Citi Puts $44 Trillion Price Tag on Climate Change Inaction

Investing in low-carbon energy would save the world economy and society $1.8 trillion by 2040. Failing to take global action to avoid a climate change tipping point, moreover, will cost the global economy and society some $44 trillion by 2060, , according to Citi’s Altenative Energy and Cleantech Research Group.

Aspects of strategic and coordinated action for sustainable development:

Is Sustainable Development Viable?

Although it is clear that growth within the current economic paradigm is environmentally unsustainable, it is less clear whether the adoption of sustainable development can save our planet from environmental collapse. Countries are aggressively trying to stimulate their economies and create new jobs while at the same time, it is becoming increasingly obvious that we urgently need to address a range of far-reaching environmental problems….

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Is China Building a Path Towards Environmentally Friendly Production?

The stock market immediately got a real boost after the announcement that yuan will no longer be pegged to the dollar. If China decided to hold on to its new policy, it will not only have enduring effects on world economy but environment, too. China, as the number one carbon dioxide emitter, has refused to negotiate an international comprehensive agreement…

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