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Whither US Autos & Industry: Where’s the accountability?

The US government finds itself between a rock and a hard place as US automakers intensify their pleas for a government bailout. The economic “drama” points out not only how far they've fallen, but the dangers and risks of moral hazard, vertically and horizontally industrial behemoths, and the glaring lack of accountability and social justice ingrained in the US political economy.Read More

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Bailout? Goverment Should Lead Takeover of “Big 3”

They’re baaack…The “Big 3” automakers are back lobbying Washington D.C. lawmakers to expropriate billions of dollars to guarantee some $50 billion in loans they say they need to carry out restructuring plans. Better idea: Why doesn’t government, along with any private sector investors big and brave enough, just get it over with, take them over, boot out management, restructure and re-privatize them? Read More