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USDA-NRCS Stresses Need for Water Planning as Western US Faces

With current conditions pointing to a third consecutive year of drought, the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is urging farmers and ranchers in the western US to have drought management plans at the ready and begin implementing them. The USDA-NRCS National Water and Climate Center’s seasonal water supply projections indicate […]Read More

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U.S. Drought Extent Increases as Fall Begins

The U.S. Drought Monitor reports that drought conditions increased yet again last week, with moderate to exceptional drought now covering 65.45 percent of the contiguous United States, up from 64.82 percent the week prior. For “abnormally dry” conditions not considered actual drought, the lower 48 saw a slight decrease to 76.59 percent down from 78.15 […]Read More

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Drought Conditions Threaten US Corn Crop, Farmers, Local Economies

This year's US corn crop is suffering, as are Corn Belt farmers, as a result of the unrelenting heat wave and lack of rainfall that's affecting much of America's heartland. The effects of the anomalous weather led the Agriculture Dept. to slash its estimate of US corn yields, which has sent corn futures prices surging higher. Read More

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Climate Change News Round-Up: 2nd Hottest US Summer, Record Low

There's certainly no shortage of news, events, discussion and controversy to do with climate change and global warming these days, and this past week has been no exception. Several significant reports based on actual scientific data and analysis were released. Unfortunately, they don't bode well for the near or longer term future.Read More