IUCN: Value of Natural World Heritage Sites Goes Far Beyond Monetary Gain

Contributing billions of dollars per year to local communities and national economies, UNESCO Natural World Heritage sites provide critical ecosystem benefits and a lifeline that keeps our connection to nature intact.

WMO: Greenhouse Gas Concentrations Reach Record High

Atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations reached a new record high in 2013, with carbon dioxide (CO2) levels rising more than in any year since 1984, according to the World Meteorological Association’s latest annual Greenhouse Gas Bulletin.

Marine Scientists Call for Sharper CO2 Emissions Cuts to Slow Ocean Acidification

Governments around the world need to take immediate actions to keep atmospheric CO2 levels below 450 ppm in order to slow ocean acidification and avoid potentially drastic effects on marine ecosystems, shellfish and fish populations, according to a group of leading marine scientists.