Many living near natural gas drilling operations report significant health problems from the fracking fluids used. Industry says such reports are anecdotal at best, environmental groups say their studies are sound. Only third-party, unbiased research can get to the truth.

Health Problems Persist Among Residents Exposed to Fracking Pollutants

The boon on America’s natural gas has been touted by both political parties during the recent election cycle, pointing to increased production and lower costs.  As is often the case, where money can be made and political points won, the facts can become a secondary concern.  This is certainly the case with hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” as it is infamously…

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Controversial Study Questioning CO2 Sequestration Stirs Heated Reaction From Clean Coal Proponents

Is CO2 sequestration a solution? New research say no A husband and wife team of professors has clean coal supporters in a snit over a recent report suggesting that geologic storage of CO2 – an essential component of the carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology upon which “clean coal” rests – will never be viable at the scale required to…

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