Pledged Emissions Targets Under the Copenhagen Accord Fall Short of Stated Goal

Researchers confirmed last week the combined emissions targets of the 55 nations that have submitted pledges under the Copenhagen Accord fall far short of the stated goal of limiting global average temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels by 2100. Joint research from the MIT Sloan School of Economics, the Sustainability Institute, and Ventana Systems point towards a…

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“Leaked” UN Draft Shows COP15 Deal Will Lead to 3 Degree Warming by Century’s End

But what of Tuvalu? It’s been something of a blizzard of “leaked” texts and drafts here in Copenhagen these past two weeks (and before).  Each text proffered ostensibly aims to help forge a deal, but ultimately causing accusations of back-room dealing, most often on behalf of developed nations at the expense of developing nations. Yesterday I attended a press conference…

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COP15 Free-Fall

This morning two NGO’s, Friends of the Earth and Avaaz, had their access to the Bella Center completely shut off, sparing a protests and a sit-in at the entrance. Hundreds of demonstrators from outside marched toward the Bella calling for the UN conference to be a “people’s assembly” and demanding “climate justice” through an aggressive and equatable deal to be…

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Tuvalu’s Ian Fry Gives Impassioned Plea at COP15 for the Fate of His Country

As has been widely reported, plenary sessions where suspended last Wednesday when Tuvalu’s chief negotiator Ian Fry pleaded for consideration of the “Tuvalu Protocol” calling for strengthening of the Kyoto Protocol and sharply limiting greenhouse gas emissions in hopes of containing global temperature rise to within 1.5 degrees Celsius – far more than developed nations are proposing. On Friday he…

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Cook Islands in Support of Tuvalo “Intervention” Yesterday in Copenhagen

This video posted moment ago from the 1Sky network with Cook Islands David Ngatae voicing support of a Tuvalu delegate’s attempt yesterday to force discussion of a legally binding agreement from Copenhagen.