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Climate Change Mitigation: Heat Builds Under Biochar

A massive effort to turn agricultural waste into biochar and bury it in soils is the only option left open if we're to reduce atmospheric CO2 and mitigate climate change, according to prominent UK scientist James Lovelock. This as Earthscan prepares to publish the first interdisciplinary synthesis of biochar research and practice.

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Using Charcoal to Enhance Soil, Produce Fuel, Capture Carbon

Incomplete burning of plant organic residue to produce biofuel and biochar offers a means of permanently storing large amounts of carbon while at the same time producing renewable energy, enhancing soil fertility and agricultural productivity, enhancing resistance to drought and flood and preserving biodiviersity, according to the UNCCD, which is advocating for greater recognition and support of biochar projects in in UN-led climate change adaptation and mitigation agreements and initiatives.

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