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Will Our Cities Save Us? Municipalities at the Nexus of Change

Cities offer the best opportunities for sustainability and resilience in the 21st century.

Editor’s note: The following post is adapted from several previous posts published in GWIR over the past year about how cities are often the best examples of furthering sustainable development, resilience and adaptation in a climate-changed world. This post has been entered in the Masdar Engage blogging contest for the upcoming Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week — At the national and international level climate action is stalled under …

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London 2012: The Greenest Olympics in Modern History

The London Olympic Games are the greenest games in the modern era

The London Olympics of 2012 are making history as the most environmentally responsible Olympics of modern times. Previously, the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics held the distinction of being the “greenest Olympics ever” boasting LEED certified buildings and the construction of a hydrogen highway. Now London is on track to soundly best Vancouver’s achievements and make the 2012 Games the most sustainable ever. According to a report titled “Olympian steps for …

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