Sustainable business best practices: the triple bottom line

Sustainability: Past, Present and Future

A variety of factors are coalescing to make 2013 a pivotal year in the growth of sustainability. Year after year, sustainability has gained ground as an increasing number of organizations are incorporating environmental and social concerns into their strategic planning. The corporate community cannot ignore the overwhelming logic of the business case for sustainability. The benefits include reduced input costs,…

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Businesses are fast adopting sustainability as a core component of their business mission

The Business Community Moves Toward Sustainability

Initially, corporate sustainability was a tertiary practice that focused on reporting; increasingly, it is influencing core strategic business decisions. A proactive stance on sustainability is becoming a competitive necessity to attract investors, source talent, meet the requirements of supply chain partners, and address growing consumer demand. Companies are seeing the value of operating in ways that address environmental concerns, health and safety issues and operational risks. They…

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Misunderstanding climate change prevents positive action for greener behavior

U.S. Consumer Attitudes on Green

The most significant obstacle to the growth of the green economy involves consumer ignorance. Consumer attitudes on the green market need to be understood in the context of consumer segments. Exaggerated reporting also confounds an accurate portrayal of consumer attitudes on green. In a recent GreenBiz article, Joel Makower provided his annual review of surveys, polls, and analyses related to the…

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