Clean Edge CleanTech Trends 2010 – Part 2

In this post Richard Matthews finishes his review of the just-released CleanTech Job Trends report from Clean Edge, LLC. See yesterday’s post for part one. Clean-Tech Manufacturing Issues Clean-tech manufacturing is creating jobs and, led by China, Asia is booming. China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore are all hiring thousands of factory workers for the solar, wind and battery…

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Recovery Act Stimulus Report: Jobs for a Sustainable Future 

President Obama’s stimulus has been given mixed reviews due in large part to the current US jobless rate. With unemployment hovering just below 10 percent, these are the worst unemployment numbers in more than a quarter-century. In the past two years, 7.7 million jobs have been lost in the United States and two million jobs have disappeared since Congress passed the stimulus plan. Despite the public’s understandable preoccupation with jobs, the…

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EarthTalk: Green Jobs and the Stimulus Package

EarthTalk for Monday, July 6: Job opportunities in the new “green economy” spurred with funds from the economic stimulus package.

What Earth Day Means This Year – Van Jones Sees Special Significance in 2009

Van Jones and the Catholic Church have at least one thing in common. They both see this year’s Earth Day as an especially important one with the world facing significant challenges in energy, jobs, and climate. All these issues come together on Earth Day.

Is a Green Job in Your Future?

The green job sector can be the engine to move the economy out of recession. Find out how to take advantage of the growing green job market.