The environmental achievements of 2013 show that we can act as good stewards of the planet

Roundup of U.S. Environmental Achievements in 2013

In 2013, concerned people, organizations and companies in the U.S. and around the world helped move environmental causes forward. From new legislation to the protection of habitats and ecosystems, here is a sampling of U.S. environmental achievements in 2013. Environmental success stories A new study showed that a solid majority of Americans accept the reality of global warming and are…

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Eco-Business Innovations 2009 Year End Review

Despite sinking into the deepest recession since the Great Depression, the levels of green innovation rose to historic heights in 2009. This has been a trying year marked by economic decline and the near collapse of global finance. On the environmental front, progress was hampered by an uncooperative US Senate, the ruse of climate-gate and a less than stellar result at COP15. However, the plethora…

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Carbon capture and storage pros and cons explained

Carbon Capture And Storage: Solution or Boondoggle? – The Pros And Cons

Is CCS, or carbon capture and storage, a promising technology to help the world deal with carbon emissions from coal-fired power plant, or a dangerous and unproven boondoggle offering false hope?

Is Pending Italian-Swiss Border Change Due to Alpine Glacial Melt a Global Harbinger?

Alpine glacial melting along the Swiss/Italian border will soon force the two governments to redraw centuries-old border.

EPA’s Stephen Johnson Under Fire to Resign: It Wasn’t Always Like This at the EPA…

Saying she has “lost all confidence” in Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen Johnson’s ability to carry out his agency’s mission, Senate Environmental and Public Works Chairman Barbara Boxer called on him to resign his post. Joining Boxer were three other Democratic Senators Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, and Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey. Johnson has been at…

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Personal Wind Turbines Now Come Designer Made

Ever thought about off-grid living? It’s quite a step but you can decide to try it out somewhat by buying a personal wind turbine. There are several on the market. Next September a true designer personal wind turbine hits the shops, designed by no one less than Philippe Starck. The French designer, mostly known for his minimalist furniture, proclaimed design ‘dead‘ a few months…

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Nature Conservancy Goes Public with Voluntary Carbon Offset Program

Interested in contributing to climate change mitigation and environmental conservation projects? The Nature Conservancy is offering individuals the chance to help fund its Tensas River Basin reforestation project in Louisiana’s Mississippi Delta region, the first in its voluntary carbon offset program.