Quinones, in combination with advanced flow battery technology, may be the solution to the problem of energy storage in renewable energy systmes

Cheap Energy Storage Within Reach

It’s no secret the biggest barrier to widespread adoption of renewable energy technology is the absence of efficient, economical energy storage.  After all, when the turbines aren’t spinning or the sun isn’t shining, the clean energy isn’t flowing. (Excluding less mainstream technologies like tidal generation, geothermal and *gasp* nuclear). Perhaps the most prevalent argument against widespread alternative energy generation capacity…

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U.S. Solar Trade Group Protests China’s Polysilicon Tariffs

The Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing is protesting China’s imposition of tariffs on imports of polysilicon — the raw material used in solar photovoltaic cells and panels — from the U.S. While the tariffs violate international trade treaties, the Chinese government has ramped up the illegal subsidies it provides to domestic manufacturers, CASM asserts.

The U.S> solar industry makes great strides in 2013

U.S. Solar Industry Breaking Records in 2013

The U.S. solar industry has logged one of the strongest quarters ever and it has already eclipsed last year’s record breaking growth. The U.S. is riding the crest of a solar tsunami that is sweeping around the planet. Declining photovoltaic (PV) prices along with attractive incentives in Asia (Japan and China) are helping to power solar’s global growth in 2013….

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5 myths about solar energy in the United States

I Have a Solar Job: Insider Dispels 5 Myths about Solar Energy in the U.S.

There are over 120,000 people with solar jobs in the US and I am one of them. I sell solar PV (photovoltaic) to home and business owners in Washington State and the majority of my job is education. The more the public is educated on the facts of solar power the better the solar industry will do. Can you think…

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AlsoEnergy provides industrial scale management and measurement solution for renewable energy providers.

Solar Gets Smarter: AlsoEnergy Focuses on Efficiency Through Solar Energy Measurement and Management

Measuring solar Over the past through years, I’ve had the opportunity to gauge growth in the solar industry in part through my annual attendance at the Intersolar North America conference in San Francisco. As with any new industry, PV solar isn’t immune to growing pains, but each year the solar industry emerges not only stronger, but smarter. One very important…

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Infographic: Solar’s Limitless Possibilities

Today’s infographic is courtesy of Solarsphere

solar power growth infographic

Infographic: Solar Power Growth: U.S. and Worldwide