Living Off The Grid With Solar Power Can Be Simple, Fun, and Challenging

Guest Post by Kriss Bergethon My wife and I were desperate to get out of the city.  It was 2007, we were having an extremely stressful year with work.  I owned a small construction company that was just about to give me a heart attack.  She had a job she hated so much she would cry on the way to…

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Micro solar inverters help make solar a viable option

Three Innovations That Will Make Solar Power Easier and More Affordable

Guest post by Kriss Bergethon Solar power as we know it has been around for almost a century. Many people believe that it’s still the same basic technology that helped power early spacecraft and the White House in the 1970’s. But advancements over the past 10 years have brought solar to the cutting edge with new investment and an emphasis…

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