climate denial troll - "shocking new study" is just a press release on well-established science

Shocking New NASA Report Shows CO2 Cools the Atmosphere: Anatomy of a Climate Denial Troll Campaign

Science is so hard… A recent post on our Facebook page claims there is a “new study” showing that carbon dioxide acts as a coolant in the atmosphere. Our Facebook poster, we’ll call him “Adam” (because that’s his name), is confident he’s unearthed this new pearl of knowledge that blows centuries of science on CO2 aside. I assume this now means…

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EarthTalk: Do Sunspots Cause Global Warming and How Much Potential Energy is There in U.S. Oil Shale Reserves?

EarthTalk for Monday, June 22nd. From the editors of E Magazine, today’s topics are the role sunspots play in global warming and the amount of potential energy found in U.S. oil shale reserves and the consequent environmental impacts.

Norwegian Scientists: “Cosmic Rays Not Responsible For Global Warming”

Scientists from Norway say they are now certain that radiation from space is not responsible for current changes in the global temperatures. They concluded a study of cosmic rays, cloud condensation nuclei and clouds using the best technology available. Their findings support various other studies conducted last year. Climate change skeptics claim that a reduction of cosmic rays during the…

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