Climate Denial vs. True Skepticism

The problem with most climate denialists that claim they are “skeptics” is that, just like the climate science they don’t understand, the fail to grasp what it really means to be skeptical. Whether it is outright fraud or knowing hypocrisy can be open for debate, but given the lack of any attempt at a “fair and balanced” approach to understanding…

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Climate Change, Hurricanes, Atolls, and Coral – Getting the Science Right

In his latest YouTube video potholer54 explores three common myths regarding climate change, hurricanes, low-lying islands, and coral. Both proponents and skeptics generally get the science wrong. This video sets to explain how the interplay of climate with oceans is more complex than generally discussed in the media and across the internet.

Al Gore, the Coming Ice Age, and the Great Global Warming Swindle

The next two videos in a series looking at the science and some of the common myths surrounding climate change.