Obama on the Gulf Oil Spill: Where’s the Bully Pulpit? More Committees, Commissions, Plans and Prayers

Last night, in his first Oval Office speech, President Obama had the perfect opportunity to define his executive, leadership and inspirational skills and abilities, as the leader of the free of the world, the Commander in Chief, the President of the United States. Did he succeed? Alas, while his rhetoric was somewhat soaring, or perhaps hovering, he yet again missed…

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COP15: The Time is Now

In spite of the recent weeks of roller coaster-like expectations for a positive outcome from the COP15 climate conference that got underway yesterday, the sense of urgency is keenly felt here at the Bella Center, home of the climate negotiations and exhibitions for dozens of NGO’s and observer organizations. The road to Copenhagen has been long and hard, but the…

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