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Weekly Mulch from the Media Consortium: Fighting the Joe Millers

By Sarah Laskow, Media Consortium blogger (reposted with permission) Joe Miller, Sarah Palin’s choice candidate for one of Alaska’s Senate seats, does not believe in climate change. That didn’t bother Alaska voters this week as Miller bested Senator Lisa Murkowski in the state’s Republican primary. If that weren’t worrisome enough, it also emerged that the […]Read More

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Climate Change Legislation Thwarted, Oil Spill Legislation Still Alive

Republicans have undermined climate and energy legislation, but more modest provisions focused on accountability and a proactive approach to oil spills still have a good chance of being passed into law this summer. On July 23 2010, Senate majority leader Harry Reid acknowledged that due to Republican opposition, Democrats would not be able to secure the required number of votes to pass the […]Read More

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News Break: Senate Rejects Murkowski Resolution, Blocks “Big Oil Bailout”

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski’s resolution that would have essentially overturned the Environmental Protection Agency’s finding that greenhouse gas emissions pose a threat to human health and welfare was voted down today in the Senate 53-47. Press release from the Sierra Club: The Senate did the right thing today. With oil still gushing into the Gulf […]Read More

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Environmentalists Take Aim at Senator Murkowski With Parody Website “PolluterHarmony”

The Give and Take of Washington: If You Can’t Take It, Then Don’t Give It… In a press release last week, Greenpeace announced the launch of PolluterHarmony. The parody website, created through Greenpeace’s PolluterWatch, seeks to match “lobbyists. CEO’s, and propagandists” with easy and willing public officials to help ease the path to buying and selling […]Read More