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News Break: Cap and Trade Dead in the Senate

Senate majority leader Harry Reid, along Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, announced  today they are abandoning attempts to bring a comprehensive energy and climate legislation to the Senate floor for debate. Cap and trade, at least for now, is dead in Congress. Given the political climate in Washington, where extending unemployment benefits warrants a filibuster, proponents of […]Read More

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Kerry, Lieberman Set to Roll Out Senate Climate Bill on

The Kerry-Graham-Lieberman climate bill that was to be officially proposed in the Senate on April 26 is now scheduled for unveiling this coming Wednesday after a two-and-a-half week delay, but this time without the endorsement of Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. Graham withdrew his collaboration, if not his tacit support, of the bill last month when […]Read More

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Kerry-Graham-Lieberman Climate Bill – Dead in the Water, or Just

The saga of what many are considering an increasingly broken legislative process continues as a last minute pull-out of support from Republican Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina on the anticipated release of the Kerry-Graham-Lieberman climate and energy bill today. After six months of work on an industry-friendly bill hammered out by the tri-partisan trio […]Read More

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Boxer Releases Full Draft of Climate Bill -Specifies Allocations and

Senator Barbara Boxer released a 923-page draft of the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act over the weekend, the Senate version of climate and energy legislation, for the first time specifying emissions allocations and costs proposed in the bill. “We’ve reached another milestone as we move to a clean energy future, creating millions of jobs […]Read More