Boxer Releases Full Draft of Climate Bill -Specifies Allocations and Costs

Senator Barbara Boxer released a 923-page draft of the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act over the weekend, the Senate version of climate and energy legislation, for the first time specifying emissions allocations and costs proposed in the bill. “We’ve reached another milestone as we move to a clean energy future, creating millions of jobs and protecting our children from…

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A Breakthrough in the Senate Could Lead to Passage of Climate Bill

The Kerry-Boxer climate bill has received a boost over the weekend when Republican senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina joined bill co-sponsor John Kerry (D-Mass.) in defining a broad bipartisan agreement that they believe can pass the Senate. Graham does not support the legislation as it stands now, but has indicated a willingness to sign-off on the compromise tentatively worked…

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Details of the Senate Boxer-Kerry Climate Bill Get Hammered Out Ahead of Formal Release

Final revisions are made on the Boxer-Kerry Senate climate bill before its release on Wednesday. Mirroring much of the House Waxman-Markey bill, the Senate version also has significant differences.