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Caribbean Nations Look to International Community to Help Conserve Region’s

A prospective US$4.5 million from South Korea could lead to the launch of an inter4national project on the part of Association of Caribbean States' members to stem the loss of sandy beaches throughout the region.Read More

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Chronically Inundated US Coastal Communities Could Jump from 90-plus to

Government authorities and residents in a fast rising number of US coastal communities across the nation will face some very difficult choices in coming years as a result of chronic inundation, including the possibility of having to abandon entire towns and perhaps even cities, according to a new study from the Union of Concerned Scientists.Read More

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Latest Projections of Regional Sea Level Rise Emphasize Need for

Sea level rise along all U.S. coasts barring Alaska is projected to be higher than the global average in the three worst-case scenarios -- 0.3-1 meter or more come 2100 -- according to the latest projections from a public-private climate research partnership led by NOAA Read More

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Prime Beachfront Property: Washed Away by Rising Tides

Nearly 100 feet of prime beach has been lost in the popular Maya Riviera resort town of Playa del Carmen since 2010 despite the millions spent to preserve it. Hotel and resort owners in Cancun once again are calling on Mexico's federal government to bail them out. Read More

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Sea Level Rise is Far Worse Than Previously Thought

Rising levels of greenhouse gasses are increasing global temperatures and this is causing sea levels to rise. Global warming causes sea levels to rise by melting ice sheets, glaciers, and sea ice; it also causes water to warm and expand. Sea-level rise and resultant flooding may be the greatest challenge facing humanity. Scientists agree that […]Read More

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San Francisco Responds to the Threat of Sea Level Rise

Voters in San Francisco have taken action to combat the effects of sea level rise caused by global temperature increases. Coastlines around the world differ in how vulnerable they are to rising sea levels, and San Francisco is especially at risk for having large coastline rises in the coming decades.  San Francisco voters recently passed […]Read More