China Proposes Emissions Target Ahead of COP15

On the heels of president Obama’s announcement earlier this week that he will attend the COP15 climate conference in Copenhagen and propose firm (if inadequate) emissions targets, Chinese officials have stated they will also propose mitigation targets in Copenhagen. The move from the two largest greenhouse gas emitters has some breathing a sigh of relief in the final days before…

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UNFCCC Chief Briefs the Press on Expectations for COP15

Executive Secretary Yvo De Boer gave a press briefing today from UNFCCC headquarters in Bonn, Germany outlining what “can and must” be achieved at the COP15 climate change conference starting on December 7th in Copenhagen.

EarthTalk: What to Expect from the COP15 Climate Conference in Copenhagen

EarthTalk® is a weekly environmental column made available to our readers from the editors of E/The Environmental Magazine   Dear EarthTalk: What do organizers hope to accomplish at the upcoming (December 7-18, 2009) United Nations Climate Change Conference being held in Copenhagen? – F. Rojas, Oakland, CA The upcoming COP15 meeting in Denmark—so named because it is the 15th such…

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Managing Expectations for COP15

News reports that president Obama has acknowledged that “time has run out” for a legally binding deal to come from the COP15 climate talks next month in Copenhagen has many in the mainstream media leading with a message of “no, we can’t.” While the announcement at the  Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) breakfast yesterday gives the impression of a fait accompli…

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A Sense of Urgency Ahead of Cop15?

I am currently in the Maryland countryside, participating in a Transatlantic Media Dialog hosted by the German Embassy and the Ecologic Institute. The mission of the event is, in part, to serve as a followup to the efforts the German foreign ministry has made in recent months to create a better understanding of German energy and climate policy, including the…

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Building for Success on International Global Warming Cooperation in Copenhagen

The last round of global warming negotiations before the Copenhagen meeting begins wrapped up last Friday in Barcelona.  Much of the actual negotiations were focused on getting the negotiating text and the underlying details contained in the text into better shape.  But there were also important discussions for what can be achieved in Copenhagen and ultimately out of this international…

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Barcelona ClimateTalks End With Little Progress and Cautious Optimism for Copenhagen

The final week of international climate negotiations before the major COP15 summit in Copenhagen next month ended in Barcelona today with little progress made on the two principal issues fueling the continuing statement between rich and poor nations, specifically mid-term mitigation targets and financing. Delegations from 50 African nations brought the talks to a halt on Tuesday, saying any further…

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