Shell's Signals and Signposts warns of peak oil on the horizon

Shell Oil Releases Signals and Signposts Report – Is Shell a Climate and Energy Alarmist?

Sounding the Peak Oil alarm “Alarmist” is a moniker often used in the climate crank community for those concerned about fossil fuel use and climate change. Whether deserved or not, it is interesting to consider the role and alarm plays. Typically an alarm is a means of focusing attention on an imminent or impending danger or threat, alerting those effected…

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Renewable energy development requires strong government incentives

Growth of US Renewable Energy and Government Policy

Renewable sources of power production are growing, but they are very far from being able to meet America’s energy needs. The US spends roughly $1 trillion each year, or 10% of gross domestic product, on the fuel needed to power its economy. An Environment America report, called The High Cost of Fossil Fuels, predicts that by 2030, the US could spend as much as $1.7 trillion a…

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