Plastic Bank receives innovation award for first 3D printing from recycled plastic

Plastic Bank: First 3D Printed Items Made from Recycled Ocean Plastic

World Ocean Day: Saving the ocean from plastic pollution Sunday, June 8 was officially World Ocean Day. At a time when we find the world’s oceans in crisis from acidification, warming surface temperatures, overfishing and pollution, calling attention to the health of our oceans is of paramount importance. Last summer year we introduced our readers to the Plastic Bank, a new…

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The Plastic Bank can reverse plastic pollution and help impoverished communities

Video Friday: The Plastic Bank – Monetizing Waste Plastic

Social plastic The Plastic Bank is an organization and a movement aimed at removing plastic waste from the world’s oceans, beaches and waterways in a process that empowers people living in poverty to raise their standard of living and strengthen their communities. The concept is to establish “Plastic Banks” in impoverished areas with an existing abundance of plastic waste, allowing people…

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Chemical Regulation that is Good for Business and the Environment

The ubiquity of chemicals and our growing environmental awareness are helping to usher a new era in chemistry. Chemicals are part of modern life, yet we are increasingly aware that even tiny quantities of toxins can have harmful health effects including asthma, neuro-developmental disorders, and certain cancers. Chemicals are also being connected with a variety of distinctively modern diseases and disorders including obesity, diabetes, autism, and ADD. According to a…

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