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The Costs of Climate Change Induced Flooding

The cost of climate change induced flooding has already risen into trillions of dollars. Without rapid climate change mitigation and adaptation, the cost in lives and property will only soar.

The combination of thermal expansion, melting ice, and extreme precipitation are contributing to flooding, which significantly increases the costs of climate change. Recent flooding in Central Europe accrued unprecedented costs and the UK in particular experienced some of the worst flooding in the island nation’s history. We have seen record setting downpours in Japan and recurrent widespread flooding in Australia. Last summer, we saw “Biblical flooding” in Colorado …

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The Water-Energy Nexus in a Climate-Changed World

Managing the water-energy nexus in a climate change world

Editor’s note: This post is a finalist in Masdar’s Engage blogging contest as part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week. Special thanks to Tim Hurst and Nick Aster.  The water-energy nexus – the fundamental connection between water and energy – may not seem an overly complex concept to initially grasp – and yet its implications are not fully understood in our industrial, resource-strained, climate-changed world. The fact is, climate is the …

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Polar Bears are Suffering from the Ravages of Climate Change

As climate change advances in the Arctic, polar bear populations continue to suffer

The polar bear is emblematic of the Canadian wilderness, but as an apex predator, they are also one of the species most at risk from climate change. The Arctic is experiencing the effects of global warming more than any other place on Earth. Temperatures in the Arctic are rising at almost twice the rate of the rest of the world, and this is causing …

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Rush Limbaugh and the Heartland Institute: I am Ignorance, Hear Me Roar

We’ve been reporting recently on the International Scientific Congress on Climate Change in Copenhagen, where some of the world’s top climate scientists and experts are meeting to collect and synthesize the research in climate change since the Fourth Assessment Report released by the IPCC in November of 2007. At the other end of the spectrum last week was the annual Heartland Institute Climate Change …

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