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Palm Oil Plantations And Tropical Rainforests

The inclusion of rainforests in the next climate protocol fails to protect the forests from the expansion of palm oil plantations. A study issued at Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology argues that palm oil plantations are a massive danger because they already are an important driving force behind deforestation in Southeast Asia. The proportion of palm oil that goes into biodiesel production is still …

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Slow Progress in Poland Climate Negotiations…but Some Key Issues Emerging

The first week of the Poland Climate Negotiations has ended and progress is slow.  This isn’t a surprising outcome at this stage in negotiations.  Without the new US leadership in place and with many of the key pieces of the post-2012 international agreement likely only woven together in the “final deal” this was the anticipation as “no major breakthroughs were expected”. But, some emerging debates have …

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Poland Climate Negotiations: What to expect

We’ll I’m in Poznan, Poland for two weeks for the next round of international climate negotiations.  This session is an important “check point” as it is mid-way between the agreement in Bali (December 2007) and when the final agreement is set to be struck in Copenhagen.  This session comes on the heels of the recent session in Ghana where some progress was made and …

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